Our business is community focused radio broadcasting where we provide high quality entertainment to all our LISTENERS across the worldwide , Our strategic objective is to provide good broadcasting across multicultural world to develop a broad community spirit through information and entertainment programming. A dedicated team of Radio Jockies and office staff have a work ethos that is based on absolute commitment to delivering high caliber entertainment and information by broadcasting high quality programmed backed by an experienced  team. The programming blend of News, interviews, competitions, religious awareness, music and information caters for every generation and is delivered by people who care for and know intimately the needs of their expanding audience


We also conduct live call shows on Toofani Radio which is also another feather in our hat when it comes to our listeners entertainment. You can call us via Skype on Skype id: toofaniradio. We also have an option for you to call us directly on a telephone if and when you are interested to part take in our call programs. about us toofani radio


The teams provide live broadcasts from early morning through to the late night requests. Features are packed with information, educational and social issues affecting every day life Toofani Radio started its Request Song via request box to provide the best experience to our listeners. We believe this was the most important step of our radio channel because it gives us an opportunity to directly communicate with our listeners – YOU. So Friends- Keep sending your wonderful song requests and we will keep playing them for ya.


Good News for you all wonderful Listeners. From time to time we have been bringing and will continue to bring Music Superstars and movie celebraties  to our channel. This gives us a chance to bring YOU (Our wonderful listeners) closer to these great artists who serve our Punjabi ,english and hindi music industry day in and day out.

about us toofani radio

about us toofani radio